candid, beautiful, lasting memories

For couples who value

Candid, Beautiful, and Lasting Memories

When you choose Cailie Buckles as your wedding photographer you will experience peace of mind knowing that you will have candid, beautiful, and lasting images crafted by a photographer who is committed to capturing your love story to be passed down for generations. 

candid moments

So you don't want to feel like you're herded around on your wedding day for mediocre, awkwardly posed photos?

Good thing I'm all about candid moments

mildred b cooper chapel wedding

Wanna see my photo gallery?

C'mmon, the couples are really cute and happy!

Hi There!
it's ME -Cailie

I'm a wedding & couples photographer living in springfield, missouri

(who just wants to eat ice cream all day with no repercussions)

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Get to know your photographer (aka me)

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SO Let's make this Easy PEasy Lemon Squeezy.

(not difficult difficult Lemon Difficult)

I'm still interviewing couples for 2021 & 2022.

I want to be the right match for you, & I don't guarantee I take on every couple that contacts me.

So tell me a little about your love story, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a phone call to chat!

Hate talking on the phone? Text me the Deets! 


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photographing your memories to last
commitment to you
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The process of creating candid, beautiful, and lasting images is first:
listening to your unique love story. 
Good thing I really like listening.
The things that make you unique are the things that make your wedding day into beautiful photographed memories.
Like that one inside joke you have that makes you belly laugh
or the way your fiance looks at you when you're not looking
or the big, loving (maybe a little goofy) family
All of these things tell your story.
Your love story is unique, and it should be documented just as it is so that it comes to life every time you crack open your wedding album.

Photographing your memories

so they last forever

Here's my commitment to you:

Cailie Buckles Photography

When you choose Cailie Buckles you won't have to worry about your photography. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will have candid, beautiful, and lasting images crafted by a photographer who is committed to capturing your love story to be passed down for generations. 

important memories

Want peace of mind knowing your most important memories won't be missed?


"The angles and timing of your shots

 tells a story."  

- Daniel, Groom


Over 10 years of experience photographing couples 

I started my professional business after college when I moved to Springfield in 2017. Before attaining my LLC, I shot a few weddings and traveled A LOT.

What better career path than to make my job my passion?! 

Now I live in Springfield, MO and travel whenever I can. Springfield is known for it's variety of restaurants from around the world. (Thankfully the multicultural restaurants help me live vicariously when I'm not traveling.)

The Springfield & Branson area is also known for it's gorgeous wedding venues - from hilltops, to rooftop bars, to modern event spaces - it has it all!

I can't wait to talk about your venue and more importantly, your wedding day.