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springfield missouri photographer
Hi There!
it's me - Cailie
I'm the girl behind the camera that says:

"Ok, this is the last photo"

but that's a lie.

There will always be more photos.

I remember when I was in your shoes.

 I was picking out a wedding photographer.

 I was overwhelmed. 

so many choices.

so many artists.

so much pressure.

I couldn't just pick anyone for my photos.

I had to pick the photographer that cared about me and my family and what I wanted because it was the most important (arguably most prepped) day of my entire life.

"I will never ever live my wedding day again,"

I thought.

Let's take this back to 2017...

Turns out it was actually pretty easy to choose a photographer. 

Here's the secret:

I picked the photographer that I knew I could trust with my memories.

I don't even remember anything that my photographer said to me on my wedding day, but I do remember how they made me feel:



good news - I want all of that for you.  

I've designed my business around making you feel loved and important.


When you choose Cailie as your wedding photographer you will experience peace of mind knowing that you will have candid, beautiful, and lasting images crafted by a photographer who is committed to capturing your love story to be passed down for generations. 

You've got a lot of big wedding decisions, but picking your photographer should be easy because you'll have peace of mind knowing that Cailie has your best interest at heart.


Want the kinda photographer that makes you feel loved?

I'm here, ready for ya.

Okay, now I'll spill the tea about me...



Coffee order:

Cherry Picker's Coffee Shop cappuccino


Traveling to new places

Weekly Tradition:

Friday Night Pizza

Something I'm afraid to admit:

We regularly walk in wealthy neighborhoods and judge everyone's houses

Here's the love of my life:

a dog

Oh, and here's me and my husband... hehe


I'm one of the TOP Wedding Photographers of 2019-2020 in the SWMO region + Arkansas State according to Wedding Pioneer.


Wanna see my photo gallery?

bride and groom exiting a chapel
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