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Cailie Buckles
Back in December 2017, I moved to Springfield, Missouri right after my college graduation, and I married the love of my life - all in the same week. Crazy? I know. 
I started my business up and officially went full time in August 2019. I've photographed so many weddings and have met so many wonderful couples. I have completely fallen in love with my job!
My goal is to help couples that are looking for the the in between of documentary style photography and beautiful portraits. I always will have you look at the camera for some photos so your mom and grandma don't bother you about it, but the rest of the time, I want to document you as you are.
(Those end up being the most special!!!)
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springfield missouri photographer
I'm the girl behind the camera that says:

"Ok, this is the last photo"

but that's a lie.

There will always be more photos.

Want the kinda photographer that makes you feel loved?

I'm here, ready for ya.

We added a sweet addition to our little family in 2022!

a dog
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This is what I would say if I had to give a fun fact:



Coffee order:

Cherry Picker's Coffee Shop cappuccino


Traveling to new places

Weekly Tradition:

Friday Night Pizza

Something I'm afraid to admit:

We regularly walk in wealthy neighborhoods and judge everyone's houses

Wanna see my photo gallery?

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