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Where are you located? do you travel?

I currently own a little house in Springfield, Missouri. 

My favorite hobby is to travel, so heck yes I travel.

My price includes my travel - it's a simple as that (because paying for shipping is overrated).

Have you ever shot at our venue before? does it make a difference?

If I have never shot at your venue, I will show up 30 minutes before  so I can scout out the whole venue. I will suggest locations with the best lighting and background for each part of the day. if you have a favorite spot you want to take photos in (like the swing out back you really like), I will adjust any plans so we can make that happen. 

Can We Customize our Wedding Package?

Absolutely, Yes. If you're thinking you want your rehearsal dinner covered more than your engagement photos, I can do that. I will be as flexible as I can be so that you have the best day ever. 

Do you have extra add ons like engagement sessions and albums?

Yes, everything is fair game. You want your rehearsal covered? Want a second shooter (2nd photographer)? Want a Bridal shoot? You name it, and we can work together to make everything how you want it.

Can we have the RAW Images?

Nope, I edit every single image and turn it into JPEG. You can't even open a RAW image - you have to have the right equipment to change it into a JPEG format to open/see it. I'm taking away that headache and personalizing your experience so you end up with the best quality images. *chefs kiss*

Do you give us every image you photograph?

Can we book you with a basic package and then change our package later?

I will give you the best images of the day. You're hiring a photographer to perfectly curate a wedding gallery. I will not withhold any good photos (because that would be stupid of me). although it may seem like I took a lot more photos, ( probs because I did) - they are all duplicates and weird mid-blinking faces (because no one looks perfect all of the time ...unfortunately)


Yes!! I'm basic (Hello, Target and iced coffee) so I like basic packages. (Making it easy peasy, People). If you want to get a little boujee and pick a package that has a little more *oomph* to it later , no problemo.

The flat retainer fee is $500 and you're locked in my calendar. then we can set you up a payment plan. The rest of the fee is due 6 weeks prior to your wedding. 

Any payment made is nonrefundable, because my ability to eat pizza every Friday night and feed my dog depends on your payments. 

What happens if you get sick or can't show up to our wedding?

If I have the sniffles you better believe I will be there all hyped up on cold medicine and ibuprofen. (You won't even know the difference, TBH. plus I will wear a mask & stay away from all the close in your face shots).

If I have the Plague/COVID-19, or a fractured femur, or I'm in a hospital bed dying, I will personally take charge and hire the best photographer that I would trust with my life to shoot your day. I will run through everything with them. they'll take all the photos and they will turn them all over to me, and I will edit everything.

What if my Fiance/partner doesn't like photos?

I understand that having your photos taken is kinda awkward because I'm a stranger and I'm holding a camera pointed at your face, but I am completely aware of that! I have a psych degree and instead of using my psych major to analyze people. I use it to get people to relax and have fun. I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve to invite you to let your guard down so we can take some easy going and fun loving photos. Most people (cough, men, cough) come away saying "wow, I really enjoyed that and the time flew by!"

What is the process should we decide to move forward?

you will say, " I want to book you as my photographer, Cailie!!!" and I will do a happy dance, then I'll (maybe) regain composure to calmly reply, "YAY, I'll send over your invoice." then You will pay the $500 retainer fee to book me, and I will eat pizza (or icecream depending on how I'm feeling) to celebrate gaining a new couple as a client. We will get you all set up and schedule a phone call or coffee date so we can talk about what your vision and dream is. See? Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

"My fiancé and I recently had our engagement photos done by Cailie and wow! Neither of us have ever done anything like this before, so we were hesitant on what to expect but she made it so comfortable and easy for us! She’s so sweet and caters to how you want your photos to look! I suggest her to anyone looking to have a session and I’m so in love with our photos!"
- Hannah & Tyler


Wanna see my photo gallery?

C'mmon, the couples are really cute and happy!

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