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Max Patch, Asheville, North Carolina Adventurous Couple's Photo Session

While I was headed to North Carolina to shoot a wedding, my husband and I took a detour and met my sister and her boyfriend at Max Patch Trail. It had to be perfectly timed because we drove 12 hours before we reached this destination.

We wanted to take some sunset photos. After a 15 minute hike, I knew that adding the extra two hours to our trip had been completely worth it. I was skeptical at first, but holy moly the view took my breath away. The mountains seemed to roll forever and at the top of the mountain we had a 360 view of them. It's hard not to get a "good photo" with such breathless beauty, so some of these photos are my absolute favorite.

The sweet giggles and my sister and her bf skipping on top of the mountain made my heart so happy. Even in the midst of the beauty, there was a beautiful connection to capture between these two.

I would love to go again, wouldn't you like to join me?

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