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12 Unique Places to take Engagement Photos in Springfield, Missouri

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Can't figure out where to take your engagement photos? Maybe you're traveling to Springfield, Missouri for some photos or maybe you live here already - here's some location ideas.

Here are some unique spots in Springfield, Missouri to take some photos.

1. Downtown Springfield

Downtown Springfield gives you all of the brick walls, artsy murals, winding alleys, and the fountain in the middle of downtown. It's also a perfect spot for Christmas photos because there are lights everywhere during the month of December and a ginormous Christmas tree in the middle of the plaza.

2. Walnut Street

Walnut Street is part of the historic side of town ( it runs out of downtown.) It has the 1920's looking houses with vines wrapping around the front. It would be the perfect place to show off an antique car in your couple's photos.

3. Commercial Street

Commercial Street is one of the more popular areas to take photos because there are so many different colors, door frames, and shop fronts. You could take a picture every ten steps and all of your photos would have completely different colors and backgrounds!

4. Nathaniel Greene Park

This is one of the very few green areas in the city of Springfield, Missouri, so it's quite popular to go to. This park is gorgeous with flowers and trees everywhere, you wouldn't even know you were in a park in most sections. The only downside is that it has a $50 shooting fee. Check with the front office and get a photography pass, so you don't get fined!

5. Wonders of Wildlife

Wonders of Wildlife is one of the biggest Springfield attractions. Imagine all of the pretty photos of you and the fish you could get in here. It's an extra fun date night activity too!

6. Sequiota Park

This is a smaller park that has a large pond, a walking trail, and a cave. The cave and water are the perfect outside spot to cool off on a summer day.

7. Chesterfield Village

This is a neighborhood that's overlooked in Springfield, because it's on the very southwest tip of town. There's not a lot else down there, but the neighborhood is stunning! All of the buildings have a red and black modern look with a clock tower and several restaurants and stores in the middle of the neighborhood.

8. Springfield Art Museum

Are you an art junky? I personally love going to art museums all over the world. This specific art museum may be small, but it would offer the perfect backdrop to get that artsy vibe.

9. AirBnB

Maybe you want the cozy look of a bedroom or maybe your house is just too messy to pick up. There are several aesthetically pleasing AirBnB's that rent out an hour to photographers. This is perfect for the colder months when it's too frigid to do anything outside.

10. Mediacom Skate Park

Speaking of frigid... What about an ice skating rink? How cute would those pictures be on the ice??? It's a dress warmly kinda photo session, but if it's something that you love to do, why not?

11. Coffee Shops

There are probably enough coffee shops in Springfield, Missouri to serve coffee to everyone in Missouri. What else would you expect from an art-centered community? Grab some iced or hot coffee while you are out for some cute photos too!

12.: Andy's

Don't like coffee? Well I would say ice cream is for everyone. So grab a sweet treat and let's hang for some natural, engaging photos.

Bonus Round:

1984 Arcade

Imagine playing games and having your picture taken - maybe that's how you're going to get your fiance on board - am I right ladies?

Let's take some engagement photos!!



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