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Hannah and Tyler's Springfield, Missouri Engagement Photos | World Travelers

When Hannah and Tyler contacted me by telling me their love story, I was so excited to photograph them.

They told me about all of their adventures and how they had traveled the world together, and I just listened and thought, "one day I'll be them when I grow up." (haha!)

They took 5-6 months off of their life and hopped in a van to make a 11,000 mile loop of the United Stated, and when I asked them what their favorite place was, they both talked about this giant tree on the coast of Oregon.

Both of them were full of love for each other, and anyone could see that by spending a few minutes with them. They share their love for each other with their dog that they adopted. (How cute is that?)

As the sun set, the moon rose and made a tiny little appearance in the rest of the images. I thought it was so cute, and when I mentioned it, both of them got excited.

We ended the night with some cheesy rom com runs. Love that stuff.

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