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Mildred B. Cooper Chapel Wedding | Bella Vista, Arkansas

When I met Lyndsay and Duncan for their engagement photos, we had some coffee at Eurasia on a cold February day before their photo session. We bonded over sipping lattes, laughs and similar stories. We had so much fun after coffee taking their pictures that I was sad for them to leave.

Fast forward to the last weekend in June (their wedding weekend), and I couldn't wait to see them again!


Lyndsay and Duncan decided to have a first look out in Tanyard Creek Nature Trail before their ceremony where they prayed and calmed some of their nerves before the ceremony. They took 45 minutes to themselves to take some photos and have fun

- just hours before they became man and wife.

After these photos, we hopped in the car and drove to their ceremony spot before guests arrived, so we could hide in the air conditioning. The ceremony took place a few minutes away at Mildred B. Cooper Chapel.

These were some of the last minute touch ups before their ceremony.

Rings from Shane Co.

The ceremony lasted about 40 minutes, and it was filled to the brim with happy tears, worship, and reverence.

After pronounced man and wife, they danced down the aisle with their joy filled faces.

After they exited, these two quickly hid from the guests to get a moment to themselves for the last few pictures of the day.

We improvised a little for the veil shot. Since she didn't have a veil we used her dress!

After everyone cleared out, the lasts photographs of the day were taken in front of their venue because it was such a gorgeous backdrop.

They screamed for joy - they danced - they twirled and kissed and soaked up all of those just married feels.

If you pulled up a dictionary definition of young love, you would find these two.

I hope with all of my heart that these two and their spirit come alive to any viewer looking through these photographs.

That's what I'm here for - capturing the real moments and your love so you can look back and remember these moments forever.

With Love,



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