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Olive View Events | Arkansas Wedding Venue

Olive View Events is a wedding venue located in Omaha, Arkansas (20 minutes from Branson, Missouri) on top of a hill with the most beautiful view of the Ozark Mountains. I happened to photograph on a day where there was a dense fog and light ice (not super ideal for wedding days) AND it was so beautiful!

As you walk in, there's a small foyer to greet guests.

There are private suites both for the bride and groom with private bathrooms in each suite.


The grooms room is decked out with comfy lounging chairs and a video game system to play while they wait around.

The Bridal party room has the cutest set up and wall paper! Perfect for those getting ready photos. In addition to the couches to rest on, there are four getting ready stations.

The main room has vaulted ceilings and a second floor with a balcony for additional seating. The chairs were set up in several different ways to give ideas of how many ways this space can transform.

The Balcony was a gorgeous addition for more seating and for the photograph of the view from above.

One of the great things about this venue is not only do all the windows have a beautiful view ( on a normal - not foggy day ), but this venue also has an outdoor area for a ceremony when the weather permits.

This is one of my favorite photos, I've taken in a while. With the icy fog, the outside ceremony area turned into a winter wonderland. With photographs like these, the weather wouldn't matter on your wedding day because this outdoor area is beautiful in any season.

Now tell me what you think! What would be your favorite season in this ceremony area?


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