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Should I bring my dog to a photo shoot?

I have had so many people ask me if it would be okay to bring their dog to a photo shoot, and my answer is always, "YESSSSSS! A MILLION TIMES YES!"

If you're debating on whether or not you should bring your beloved fur babies to a photo shoot, you've come to the right place. Here are some reasons why I think it's a wonderful idea!

1. They're family

Pets have a special place in our hearts; they see us laugh, cry, and are always there for us. They're our little buddies who will always listen and love us unconditionally. They are a part of our everyday life, and they have been through everything with us. Having your pet there on special days like anniversary shoots or wedding days can feel normal because they really are a little part of your family.

2. They help calm nerves

Having your pictures taken can be nerve wracking, but with a special furry friend, pictures don't feel so awkward. Having your pet to interact with can help with the "I don't know what to do with my hands" syndrome that happens when pictures are being taken. Your pets also offer some comedic relief that makes the photo experience fun.

3. Pet Portraits

I will most definitely try to get a little pet portrait for each pet brought to a session. Who doesn't want to remember the first few weeks of their puppy dog and how little they were? Their sweet faces are what you get to look at every day and when they grow older and pass away you'll want a few photos of your fur babies to remember them by.

Advice for Pets and Pictures

1. Treats

If you're worried about your pets not cooperating, bring some treats and water. When I'm holding a treat in my hand and rattling my car keys, it will for sure catch their attention. Sometimes dogs are a little difficult to handle, but they can be the cutest little subjects.

2. Leash

Bring a non retractable leash for the photos and a longer leash (or rope) to tie them up to a tree for some rest while I take some pictures without your pets of just you too. The shorter leash looks a lot better in pictures, but tying them up with a little more room is always the best.

3. Let them play

Sometimes making a dog sit still can be too much. I'll try to get a quick shot of the whole family all together at the beginning, but then I'll let them run a little loose so they aren't told to sit every five seconds.

Pets make the cutest pictures - I'm always down for some extra cuteness.

Now who doesn't want some cute pet pictures????




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