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The Silver Spoon Barn | Joplin, Missouri Venue | Southwest Missouri Photographer

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Kamber, owner of The Silver Spoon Barn in Joplin, Missouri, to photograph her venue. This beautiful wedding venue showcases vaulted ceilings, a grand staircase, white ship-lap, and seating for up to 500 guests.

As you walk into the venue, you will see the perfect spot for welcoming guests and asking them to sign the guest book.

The main room is simply stunning. Kamber noted that when she was designing this venue, she wanted it to be beautiful without decorations. She liked the flexibility of keeping the decor simple, yet not letting it be a blank canvas. There's room for imagination, and she said, "There's never been a wedding that has looked like another in here. Everyone puts in personal details and makes it their own."

When you enter into the main room, the platform and sliding doors is the first thing you see. It's a gorgeous backdrop to any ceremony with so much window light! AND when you turn around to see the staircase (where the bride appears), it looks just as beautiful.

The stairs lead up to a wrap around balcony where the groom suite and bridal suite appear.

Each private suite leads out to the wrap around balcony, and each side of the balcony has their own set of stairs to the platform at the front.

I think my favorite spot from the whole venue was the view from the top of the stairs.

The adjoining room connects with three big garage doors that can be opened or closed during the ceremony.

Here's the view from the inside of the ceremony spot to looking into the reception hall.

When the temperature is right, the outside patio and ceremony location would be another great option too!

As I was packing up to leave, I asked Kamber, "What is your favorite thing about this venue?" and she immediately told me, "The brides and grooms". She loves all of the people that she works with, She puts so many personal touches into this venue's experience, and anyone would be lucky to have Kamber and The Silver Spoon Barn as a part of their wedding day.


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