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5 Tips For The Best Engagement Photos | Springfield, Missouri Photographer

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

One of the exciting things about getting engaged is engagement photos!

The love of your life pops the question and all of the sudden the wedding planning begins even before all the "I'm-going-to-get-married!!!" adrenaline wears off.

Now you need to get ready for some engagement photos.

Here's a few tips to keep in mind for your engagement photos!

1. Save The Dates/Wedding Invitations

If you're planning on using some photos for your Save the Dates or your Wedding Invitations, make sure you have plenty of time between the time you take your photos and the date you need to send out your invites! Your engagement photographer will need time to edit your photos, so check with them to see how many days/weeks they will need to edit.

2. Build trust with your wedding photographer

Having your wedding photographer take your engagement photos let's you have the chance of meeting your photographer before your wedding day. The engagement shoot will help build trust before your wedding day. You'll spend a few hours together getting to know each other while you're having your photos taken.

3. Consider the style of photos you want

Do you like moody dark images? Light and airy? True to color? Film? Each photographer has a unique style because there is an infinite range of styles of photography. Having all of your photos match in edits and how they're taken is a big deal. You want to be able to frame pictures of your engagement session and your wedding side by side, and it be cohesive.

4. Bring something meaningful

Choosing something that is meaningful to be in your photos can add value to the end product. For example you could choose to bring along your dogs (that's a whole other blog post) Another example would be to include your unique hobby. Musician? Bring your instrument. Have a cool ride? bring it! I photographed a pilot, so we took some photos with his airplane.

5. Clothes

First of all I would say wear whatever you're comfortable in. The objective is to look and feel amazing. Try one outfit slightly more dressed up than your comfort level, and for the other outfit, a cute but laid back feel. If you can't move around in what you're wearing that's a no go. Ex: sky high heels (unless you're a professional in the art of heel wearing). Try some wedges or platforms for an elevated (but comfy) look. Some photographers have more recommendations to match their style of photography - like maxi skirts for a flattering silhouette and no neon colors.

6. BONUS: Have fun

Have some fun with your engagement photos! You only get to do this once, so make it a fun date. Don't put too much pressure on your photo session. Laugh, cry, sing, run, skip, twirl - feel free to let go - if your photographer is a good photographer they will make sure you're having fun.


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